What’s Beef?

Nancy Pelosi is 3rd in line behind 2 phonies who collaborated with a hostile foreign power. So what’s she doing about it?

Typical Democrat, she’s waiting around for things to magically go her way. Sounds like Obama, who nominated Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. Then you know what he did?

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

He made a speech.

That’s it! He made a speech as if the magic healing elixir of his words would transform Mitch McConnell into a reasonable man.

The Era Of Reasonableness is OVER!

Gerrymandering. Voter Suppression. The Electoral College.

You don’t wait for someone to hand you power. You take it!

Mitch McConnell is a criminal. Even worse, Mitch McConnell is a racist criminal, which means the insanity of racism has eaten his conscience and you cannot reason with the criminally insane. I have been asked what I think Obama should have done. First let me say this, before I answer the question, and I will answer the question.

Obama was president for 7 years when this nonsense unfolded. He had more than enough on the job training. And yet he acted as if the job was never really his to begin with, as if he didn’t win the popular vote with enough votes to make Ronald Reagan blush in Hell, as if black men aren’t allowed to show anger which seems to be the birthright of white men, particularly white men who identify as orange.

If I were president, if I nominated Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court and Mitch McConnell denied him and Up or Down Vote, which is mandated in the Advice & Consent Clause of the Constitution, I would have given Mitch McConnell notice: you have 30 days to fulfill your constitutional duty, or I’m going to declare a constitutional crisis and have you dragged by the ear from the floor of the Senate, charged with treason and hung by your underpants from a flag at half mast in Kenya, you racist piece of shit!

Also, truth be told, I wouldn’t nominate Merrick Garland. He’s too reasonable. I would nominate Anita Hill. Let her sit on the bench of the high court flicking pubes at Clarence Thomas for the rest of his “lifetime appointment.” In case you’re wondering why I put quotation marks around “lifetime appointment,” it’s because I would end that farce. 11 years on the high court are enough. Then you go back to being a United States Citizen, with no pension, with no health care, 2 or 3 paychecks away from totally fucked, like the rest of us. How can you represent people you don’t understand?

Back to Nancy Pelosi.

First thing’s first: tell Chuck Schumer to push those glasses up his nose and stop telegraphing like Grandpa Chuck. Man the fuck up! You look weak. Second thing’s second: give Donald Trump notice that he’s to relinquish power on the day you’re sworn in as Speaker Of The House, surrender and throw yourself on the mercy of Mueller.

Here are 2 words I never want to hear: President Pence.

Mike Pence is to resign while giving Donald Trump a reach around, surrender and throw yourself on the mercy of Mueller.

Jerome Corsi, The Federalist Society, Steve Bannon, Fox News, Alex Jones and every single sadistic Anti-Semitic Asshole who’s ever clicked on The Daily Stormer, surrender your MAGA HAT and throw yourself on the mercy of Mueller.

Stop waiting, Madame President. Take what’s yours…POWER!!!

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    1. You’re so right. I’ve never enjoyed politics more! Thanks for commenting, Meir Kahane.

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