George H.W. Bush Folds

George H.W. Bush died and people are acting like he wasn’t the guy who put Clarence Thomas in Thurgood Marshall’s seat. I’m sorry, is the lead to harsh?

I’m not going to spend all of my time bashing George H.W. Bush mostly because it’d be too easy. I’m officially divorcing myself from the school of thought which says if you can’t think of something nice to say don’t say anything at all, or we need a cooling off period so everyone has the proper amount of time to grieve or slow down…it’s too soon.


That’s a lie designed to keep us from pulling apart the truth, from taking an uncomfortable look at the ugly underside of emotion.

Thurgood Marshall liberated the potential of every black child with Brown Versus Board Of Education. He was a precedent in and of himself. Filling Thurgood Marshall’s seat with Clarence Thomas reveals the president’s character, or in the case of George H.W. Bush, the president’s lack of character.

George H.W. Bush was racist but polite with his racism instead of a cross burner.

Elevating one black person isn’t big, it’s a game, a parlor trick. Elevating all black people is big. That hand was played by Thurgood Marshall.

George H.W. Bush played the hand of prudence to conceal a heart of darkness.

2 words: Lee Atwater.

On his deathbed, Lee Atwater begged forgiveness for Monkey Business, Willie Horton and The Southern Strategy which he implemented in the name of Richard Milhous Nixon. The Southern Strategy recognized you could no longer use certain words in the race war so you had to deal from the bottom of the deck, point your poker face in the direction of Civil Rights and when it got you in trouble play the shell game with Integration and when it got you in trouble play the three-card Monte on Bussing and when it got you in trouble play the bait and switch with Affirmative Action and when it got you in trouble, when all else failed, when the race war seemed to be over, finally over, hallelujah, double down on hatred by playing the 3/5ths joker on the Birth Certificate of the first black president.

On his deathbed, Lee Atwater begged forgiveness. On behalf of God I would like to say this, “You’re unforgiven, Lee. Go fuck yourself!” God isn’t afraid of throwing F-Bombs. 

“Read My Lips: No New Taxes” was NOT an accomplishment. Everyone likes to make such a big deal out of George H.W. Bush making that bet and then welching. Big deal. All he did was piss off a bunch of rich guys and if we’ve learned anything in the past 2 years it’s that rich guys like getting pissed off almost as much as they like raping women on the way to work at the Supreme Court.

“Read My Lips: No Kavanaugh.”

Incidentally, raising taxes isn’t why George H.W. Bush lost his bid for a 2nd term. It was Ross Perot who split pocket queens and screwed the pooch. Not to worry, if this sounds complicated, it’s designed to sound complicated. It’s easy. You don’t have to play Liar’s Poker to understand the game, just have a pulse and pay attention.

George H.W. Bush was a 1 term president. This is the shining light on the hill, let no one tell you otherwise. This is what we need to reflect on. What it means when We The People play the niftiest trick of all…swapping horses midstream.

Here’s what it should say on the tombstone of George H.W. Bush…

Everything Was Beautiful, Nothing Hurt & No One Voted.

8 thoughts on “George H.W. Bush Folds”

  1. Let the Wasp establishment die with their endless wars in the Middle East and their hand holding the Saudi “Kings’. Boycott, Divest and then Sanction those occupiers in Israel too! A new American majority is rising!

  2. Compared to Trump, George HW was amazing. In fact, George W Bush, a war time criminal and destroyer of millions of lives in the US and abroad with his global financial distruction, seems like he was a pretty good president now that monster Trump is in the White House. I look skinny standing next to my obease friend.

  3. Hey Now! This is important. See “Vice.” Everything Adam McKay touches turns to comic gold, even the horror of Bush/Cheney.

  4. Envy anyone???? When George Bush was on his deathbed he had perfect peace knowing he was a war hero, CIA director, instrumental in the fighting and sending Communism to the dustbin of history and raised a son that became President and another that became a very successful two time Florida governer. Besides being a Paris Hilton-lite champaign socialist trust fund activist, what would you have to be proud of if next month you were on your deathbed? This blog? A moronic tweet and radio show that sunk one business and almost closed another?

    1. Thanks for commenting & listening to my radio show & your continuing interest in my business endeavors. I appreciate the camaraderie. The only known person to have achieved perfect peace on his deathbed is Carl Spackler, the groundskeeper in “Caddyshack.” Don’t get me wrong, George H.W. Bush was just as much of an idiot, but Carl wasn’t deliberately cruel (unless, of course, you happen to be a gopher).

  5. Instead of irrelevant presidents, we should fly all flags at half mast when there’s a mass shooting. On the south side of Chicago this is pretty much every weekend.

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