Dancing Queens, Newport Beach, 2021
Healing at the Hayworth, 2021
People Of Substance
Pandemic Remedy
It’s summertime. Why’s it so cold in San Francisco?
Don’t let everyone down, mask up.
Lex Wilder shopping for a tone with Jon San Paolo. Electrical Audio, March 2021
Reparations Through Cannabis
South Shore, Chicago, March 2021
Rita Mayfield, 60th Congressional District, Waukegan, January 2021
New Year’s Eve Nerf War with Spiderman, December 2020
George Moore, Legacy Reentry Foundation
It’s tempting to say “Lack Of Vision.” But I get the feeling Kanye is struggling with mental health issues.
Pandemic Day Drinking. It’s Great To Be A Florida Gator. December 2020
Dad builds an outdoor space heater so we can gather together in my backyard. Winter 2020
My wife is a 3rd grade school teacher. She ate lunch in her car before Thanksgiving so she wouldn’t put her mother at risk.
Lex builds a tent in his backyard so we can get together. Winter 2020
Election Day, 2020
Halloween 2020, the one day when wearing a mask felt joyful again.
Oscar Parham, Clemency Is Mercy, Legacy Reentry Foundation
Pandemic Moo Cow, October 2020
Free Mohawk Johnson, Chicago
Crosstown Traffic
The Scentuary, South Shore, Chicago 2020
Lily Be holds court in Roscoe Village, 2020
Floss Champion
Marriage Rehearsal, September 4th, 2020
The #4 with a side of hand sanitizer.
Holy Chocolate Chip Cookies, Bat Girl
There’s a direct line between George Floyd, Breonna Taylor & Emmett Till, connect the dots.
Silver Room, Hyde Park, the first place I shopped when shelter-in-place lifted. Eric Williams is Chicago royalty.
Dad (with his DNA, I was destined to be a troublemaker)
Troublemaker’s Strut
Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve
The Oracle Of Kenwood, Carver 47
Psychedelic Guru, Prairie Joe’s