Ticket To Ride

This is the alternative parallel universe version of the beloved Beatles Song, “Ticket To Ride.” Only in this world, instead of beloved, instead of uplifting, it’s ominous.

She’s got a ticket to HIDE and WE don’t care.

You know why we don’t care? Because we’re conditioned to look the other way. You know why she has to hide? Because we’re caught up in getting where we’re going, for a half calf mocha latte, instead of slowing down to notice what’s going on.

Remember when the guy got dragged down the aisle of United Airline flight 3411? Everyone sat there abdicating their adulthood. Remember when it was against the law to help runaway slaves? Their crime was seeking freedom. Remember when we turned back the S.S. St. Louis? They didn’t have “papers,” so we looked the other way as Jewish men & women who were fleeing for their lives were sent back to Nazi Germany.

She’s got a ticket to HIDE and WE don’t care.

Let’s put people ahead of papers. Let’s see ourselves in the vulnerability of the people we can reach out and touch instead of filming on our so called smart phones. Let’s do better than this.

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