1 month into the new year, and the School Shooting in Kentucky was already the 11th of 2018. But don’t think about it, don’t talk about it, certainly don’t Tweet about it. Believe me! Unless you want to out achieve me as Public Enemy Number One of Anti-Semitic White Supremacists.

This is the new normal.

We’ve accepted our role as moving targets. The only thing those of us who survive each Mass Shooting knows for sure is this…

We’re sitting ducks.

We like tuning in. We get off on speeches in split screen on CNN, on MSNBC, on FOX. The biggest leap of faith we’re willing to take is a moment of silence, then we have better things to do, like shop.

The bereaved parents make for great television. That’s all any of this is: great television, with our Reality TV Superstar-In-Chief.

More guns! Un. More shootings! Un. More families left behind to ponder the horrifying silence after the cameras move on to the next tragedy! Un.

You’ve heard of the UnCola? Well this is the UnPresidency.