President Pence

Anyone who thinks Mike Pence is the answer to Donald Trump’s presidency needs to reflect on these 3 words…

Oy Vey Izmir.

Mike Pence watches “The Handmaid’s Tale” as porn. He’s a sick, broken, cruel, religious fanatic.

At least we know what Donald Trump is: a vain, narcissistic, porn star schtupping child. He’s also the president. You know why? Because he won. We voted for him. We let this happen. Take it in.¬†Own it! We can’t change it until we own it.

We don’t need Mike Pence to save us from ourselves. We need to vote in the next election. Then we’ll know. Maybe we like this. Who can say for sure? The polls? The pundits? The professional gaslighters?

I’d rather have a porn star schtupping president than a deeply repressed homosexual who hates his younger self for wanting to kiss a boy who gets-off on parading around in a yamaka to curry favor with the cruelest of the cruel…

Orthodox Jews.

They hate women. They’ve reduced women to emotional 2nd class. With their wigs and their sex through a sheet. There’s nothing normal about this behavior. Why do we accept it as normal? It’s torture masquerading as a belief system.

It makes me relate to Donald Trump.

Sure, he’s flawed. Sure, he’s spoiled. Sure, he’s more comfortable with anger than tears. Sure, it’s fun having your last name on everything and a nuclear button on your desk. I get it. Pushing a red button is fun!

Speaking of fun…this is just in…BREAKING NEWS…

Right after Mike Pence got done with the inhumane ritual of “penning off women,” he took his orthodox buddies to a dungeon in Tel Aviv for brown showers, anal fisting and kishke.

Such a mensch.

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