Surrender Meghan

8 years under Obama, and no matter how good the news, there were people who refused to see good in any good news. I refuse to live my life in a constant state of crazy.

This week, 3 Americans held prisoners in North Korea were released. For this I say thank you, Mister President.

On the flip side of gratitude, Meghan McCain is upset by someone in the Trump Administration who made a crack at the expense of her ailing father. I don’t know why she’s surprised. This white house has no regard for anyone.

I’d rather Meghan spent this time of reflection asking deeper questions like why the Republican Party allowed push polls to be used against her father in South Carolina the first time he ran for the presidency in 2000.

For those of you who don’t know or remember, push polls were used to push an agenda by calling voters in a contentious primary to ask questions with a hidden agenda, like: how would you feel about John McCain if you found out he fathered an out of wedlock black child?

John McCain adopted a black child from a Bangladeshi orphanage. He did a beautiful thing and they turned a beautiful thing into race bait. Thanks to push polls, John McCain lost the primary, defeated by George W. Bush who went on to be president.

In light of this, I think Meghan should stop chasing flying monkeys, give up on clicking her heels 3 times and say thank you, Mister President.

When Donald Trump cleaned Jeb Bush’s clock, it was payback. The Bush Dynasty crumbled, which is far more important than getting someone fired in the current administration for a thoughtless joke.

Please cherish this time with your father. It ends so quickly and you never get him back.

Remember in the Wizard Of Oz when The Great & Powerful Oz was yelling, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” This is how you should treat The Great & Powerful Trump.

Pay no attention. It’ll infuriate him. Believe me!

Give him whatever he wants to fill his bottomless need to win. Give Donald a Nobel Peace Prize. Because why not? Because who cares? I’ll take it one step further, give a joint Nobel Peace Prize to Donald Trump, the scarecrow without a brain, and Kim Jong-un, the tin man without a heart. Because why not? Because who cares?

Then let’s free all non-violent drug offenders right here at home. I’ll drink bong water to that.

I know it’s tempting to think the big problems are over the rainbow. But they’re not. So let’s get back to work. If they need us to thank them while we do all of the work, the good news is we get to do all of the work while they smile and wave at the make believe summit in the Emerald City of Singapore. Can you think of anything worse? Repeat after me, “Thank you, Mister President. Thank you, Dear Leader.” That didn’t hurt. Did it? And what did it cost you? Nothing.

Which is exactly what they’re worth.

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      Be nice to you. You seem like a good guy with a great sense of humor. Thanks for commenting.

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