Sue And Settle

We’ve gone from The Audacity Of Hope to Sue And Settle.

We’ve gone from Yes We Can to Sue And Settle. We’ve gone from bending the moral arc of the universe toward justice to Sue And Settle.

Everyone who voted for this asshole is simultaneously at war with themselves and the world around them. They hate themselves so much that they’re punishing the world. They’re brats and they want everyone to know how unhappy they are about the 8 year playdate we inflicted on them with a black president.

We’ve gone from putting astronauts on the moon to Sue and Settle. We’ve gone from ushering in The New Deal to Sue And Settle. We’ve gone from “There’s no need to fear, Underdog is here…”

…to Sue And Settle.

Every single time this asshole opens his mouth, it’s news because we cannot believe how fucking stupid he really is. Can he be this fucking stupid, we ask ourselves? Yes, he’s this fucking stupid.

“I’d sue and settle,” Donald Trump told Teresa May after walking out of 10 Downing Street to hold a joint press conference today. That’s how he advised England to handle BREXIT.

It’s so fucking stupid it’s impossible to crawl around inside the thinking to a shed a little light on what’s behind the thought because there is not a thought behind the thinking because there is no thinking under the MAGA HAT of the stupid fucking man. He’s thoughtless and so is every fucking troll who voted for this asshole.

We’ve gone from If I had a hammer, I’d hammer in the morning, I’d hammer in the evening, all over this world, it’s the hammer of justice, it’s the hammer of freedom, it’s the hammer of love between my brothers and my sisters all over this world…

…to Sue And Settle.

At this point in my life, whenever I get into a conversation with someone who supports Trump, I backpedal and apologize. I realize I’m talking to a dead man, and by dead man I mean someone who’s walking around brain dead, shopping and golfing and golfing and shopping, and I have every expectation there’s enough of them in this stupid fucking country to lockdown a second term. How do I know this? I know this because they say something stupid like this, “Elizabeth Warren is unlikable.” They want me to take the bait, the same bait I spent actual time debating when Hillary ran for president. Only this time it’s different, not for them, not for the country, but for me. I don’t give a shit.

Of course I give a shit insofar as I’m going to make every possible effort to change the outcome of 2020. But I have surrendered to the fact we have the president we deserve and if he wins a 2nd term, like Duyba won a 2nd term even after he lied about WMD’s, then I have to shrug it off.

We’ve gone from Shake It Off to Sue And Settle.

Tayolr Swift gets to Shake It Off because she’s rich, famous and gorgeous. I have to Shrug It Off because I’m too rich for Forbes, too famous for autographs and gorgeous.

If you don’t like what I just said, go ahead and hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

5 hates.

I counted.

It’s rigged and by rigged I mean the white men in this country are stupid, the 53% of white women attached to stupid white men in this country are passive aggressively cruel and those who don’t bother voting have pussied out!

If you don’t like what I’m saying, if you don’t like my language, sue me for Defamation Of American Character and settle for go fucking yourself.

3 thoughts on “Sue And Settle”

    1. As you wish, Janet. Stay tuned…

      Although I must confess, the writing is really about me. Trump is just fun to fuck with because the MAGA TROLL SNOWFLAKES who blindly pledge allegiance are so thin skinned.

  1. We LOVE the Donald because you hate him. We Love the Donald because he throws shit in your faces every day without apology. We Love him for getting tough on China, Mexico, telling NATO to pay their fair share. We’re tired of being ripped off by Neo-Liberal Globalist anti-worker policies that have left half our country a rusted out catastrophe. If you lived in Pennsylvania or Gary you might understand the pain of the last 30 years, at least Michael Moore does. Otherwise try your luck changing money in China or Japan and see how long they would put up with your Neo Liberal nonsense. No more Mr. Nice Guys, Trump 2020 eat your heart out. Elizabeth Warren was called Rachael Dolezal by Charlamagne the God on the Breakfast Club, classic. Warren 1/2026th, PLEASE NOMINATE WARREN. What’s wrong with these liberal women anyway, one thinks she’s Black and one think she’s an Indian. Dolezal at least lived the struggle.

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