Santa Fe Shooting

Another school shooting. Another day in America.

8 dead. 10 dead. At least it’s not 17 like Parkland. At least it’s not 20 like Sandy Hook. This is what we’ll tell ourselves to make the unacceptable acceptable.

Learned Helplessness has replaced American Exceptionalism.

This is what happens when leaders are cowards, presidents are puppets and grown-ups are too busy shopping to notice their kids are being shot dead.

I’m not a grown-up. I officially renounce my grown-up credentials. I’m lost, somewhere between a wounded boy and shell shocked man.

I’m setting my clock to see how quickly we move on from this tragedy. I can’t even call it a tragedy.

Call it what it is: Status Quo.

Never Again” sounded so good. I liked seeing it on all the signs at The March For Our Lives. I went there to march but it was so filled with people and signs and love, it was a standstill since there was no room left to march. It was magical. It was beautiful. I turned off my brain. I turned up my heart. I believed. I wanted so badly to believe, “Never Again.”

We made posters but we made no laws. We made the pilgrimage but we made no progress. We made gun manufacturers rich.


We’re hypnotized by thoughts & prayers, too lost in the madness to realize the kids are sober. It’s the the adults who are wasted, high on indifference.

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    From Prager University. This is the mentality of the Antifa Scum at Berekely. This is why we cling to our guns. Do you really believe Americans bought 3 million M-16s between 2008-2014 to duck hunt? In the Bernie-style Socialist Revolution, the Soviets killed 60 million people. In China scum Mao and his gang killed 30-100 million people. Never ever again.

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