Royal Flush

I know the royal wedding means a lot since it’s everywhere. I know there’s a mixed race bride which is exciting in a society built around the premise of white privilege.

I know there was a fancy open top Jaguar, vroom vroom.

I know Amal Clooney was elegant in mustard yellow with her husband serving as silver fox arm candy.

I know all of this and yet I still don’t know why it’s more important than Santa Fe, Texas.

This is an actual headline from The New York Times, “In Texas School Shooting, 10 Dead, 10 Hurt And Many Unsurprised.” 

I had my suspicions. I thought we’d move away from this story, but not this quickly. Turns out I wasn’t cynical enough.

I know I’m supposed to be caught-up in the pageantry but I’m having a hard time understanding how an adult grown woman treating life like a fairy tale is news. Here’s some news: we marched in Washington after Parkland, we wrote “Never Again” on signs, we showed-up from across the country with our children, we demanded the people we send to Washington, the people we pay to work in Washington, we demanded they do something about the madness and they ignored us.

It’s time to borrow a catch phrase, “You’re Fired.”

There’s a direct line between Columbine, Parkland and Santa Fe. It’s been 19 years and nothing has changed. I’m done with the people in Washington. I’m done with the governors in every state. I’m done with absolutely everyone holding elective office. But most of all, I’m done with The NRA.

10 Dead, 10 Hurt And Many Unsurprised.

I can’t live like this. I’m not debating how many doors you’re supposed to have at a school. I’m not debating whether guns kill people or people kill people. I don’t care about Ritalin or good parenting or your fucking feelings. I formally relinquish my role in your Dirty Harry fantasy.

I don’t care if you’re feeling lucky, punk.

4 thoughts on “Royal Flush”

  1. You seem like a smart guy. I’m honestly at a loss with the gun violence. What are some practical things we can do knowing what we’re up against with the NRA and their lemmings? No matter the outrage they repeat the same stupid platitudes. These people are unreachable, barking fanatics that think Barack and Michelle are going to come out of retirement and overrun their trailer park. I spoke to many gun people and I really can’t believe they buy into the narrative. Is this like Budweiser beer, shitty taste but great marketing? I don’t know but I’d be satisfied with any legislation at this point in my life…

    1. Hi Phil. I don’t have an answer and I would like to talk about it. But a sincere conversation with people who are ready to try something other than what’s going on. No anti-Semites. No racists. No one screaming, “Take our guns and we’ll start a war.” I’m interested in people who don’t have to be asked but are willing to give up their guns if it’ll mean putting a stop to the madness. Out of respect for Parkland. Out of respect for Santa Fe. Out of respect for every weekend on the South Side of Chicago. Thanks for asking and calling me a “smart guy.” It costs nothing to be nice and it’s appreciated on this side of the computer. Thanks for dropping by. Be well…

  2. But can we be practical? The people who would give up their guns are not the people we have to worry about. With over 400 million guns in this country, the best we could hope for is some sort of registration and licensing. And I don’t know about you but I’m not comfortable with the Left disarming and the Right buying billions of dollars in weaponry. Call me paranoid Phil but if they have the guns and we’re unarmed, that would make me feel very uncomfortable, to put it mildly. I don’t have the answers either but unless we disarm together I guess it’s going to be status quo…..just another 10 dead kids. And what about the wounded that end up in wheelchairs and are scarred emotionally for the rest of their lives? Being a survivor of a shooting in your formative years must be horrific. We’re not a normal nation. Every other 1st world developed country has very strict gun laws. U.S. and Yemen have the most assault rifles. Ugh!

  3. Democrats have become modern-day Puritans, chasing people around and wagging their proverbial fingers and telling everyone what is and is not okay in the eyes of their god, Political Correction. anyone who transgresses the PC rulebook must be dealt with harshly–permanently whenever possible–and always in the public arena.

    but never for a moment think that a “hate speech” law would be applied selectively. here’s why: death threats made towards children of Republicans are to be celebrated, not denounced. any calls for Democrats to take action and shoot senators are raucous fun, and all inferences otherwise are strictly the listener’s fault. and, if a leftist were, perhaps, to theoretically gun down Republicans at a charity baseball practice, the appropriate response is for liberal pundits to double down on their calls to take action against this administration. if ever you’re in doubt about the good intentions of what clearly sounds like a Democrat calling for violence, the rule of thumb is to just remember it’s called the artistic expression of Liberals (because Liberals love that blanket term for anything uncivilized).

    frankly, there’s more than enough selective outrage taking place. one of the last things our country needs is a new law that’s not just inherently unconstitutional, but would literally be applied by using as evidence fluctuating, unquantifiable feelings that are, by definition, subjective.

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