Melania’s New Clothes

On the way to a detention facility for children, Melania wore a jacket with writing on the back. In case you don’t know by now because you’re living under a rock in Slovenia, this is what it said…

I Really Don’t Care, Do U?

English isn’t Melania’s first language. Maybe she can’t read. But it begs a larger question: didn’t anyone on her staff notice and why didn’t anyone on her staff pull Melania aside for a quick conversation to discuss how quickly a trendy jacket can turn into subtext?

This is The Emperor’s New Clothes as a transgender remake with a Sadistic Disney Princess. Donald Trump has no respect for women and neither do the 53% of women who voted for him. They infantilize women, which is why we never hold Melania accountable.

Remember when she wore flood pumps to tour Houston Flood Zones? Remember when she plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech at the GOP Convention? Remember when she was a Birther?

Melania gets a pass because she’s a pretty, pretty white woman. Here’s a greatest hits of her biggest accomplishments: being born white, being born pretty. Only those aren’t accomplishments. Those are flukes. It’s sad how being white still holds weight. It’s even sadder how being pretty is a spell.


Let a gold digging immigrant get a pass for attaching herself to a cruel, cruel man.


Let her be white.


Let immigrant children be torn from their parents.


Let them be brown.

What a stupid spell. Why can’t snap we out of it? I supposed it has something to do with how sexy it comes across when you telegraph not giving a shit. When will we learn deeply insecure men always wear the mask of a Know-It-All. This trend has been in style since the 7th grade playground at Elm Place Junior High. I’m calling it out as a loser a trend. I’m over it. So totally over it. I’m going the other way and putting this jacket on the market.

I Really Do Care, Do U?

I care about families at the border being treated with kindness. I care about the kids from Parkland being received with open arms on The Road To Change. I care about voting.

But it’s exhausting and it rarely leads to anything good when you put yourself out there. I was ripped to smithereens after The Las Vegas Shooting when I tweeted in the earliest hours, reeling with grief. What was my crime? All I did was react instead of doing what I had conditioned myself to do after Sandy Hook, which was look the other way. It’s easy to look the other way. When you look the other way, you’re part of the crowd which means there’s no way to be singled out. This is our biggest fear, being singled out, even as grown-ups. Speaking of brats…

I Really Don’t Care, Do U?

I don’t care about Melania or her addiction to photo ops. I don’t care about Donald Trump or the joy he takes in generating chaos. I don’t care about you or if you vote.

The last thing I said is a lie. I care. I really do care. I’m putting myself out there. I’m making myself vulnerable. Go ahead, throw it at me. Go ahead, swing! Give me everything you’ve got. I know how to take a punch. I know how to get back up after getting knocked on my fanny. I know how to duck and come up swinging.

I jab right but I swing left. Or maybe it’s the other way around. You’re gonna have to find out for yourself. There’s no other way unless you want to live your life sleepwalking on the playground.


Let the children wake up.

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