George Floyd’s Brother Is Being Used

They rolled out George Floyd’s Brother, using him like they use everybody else, trading a taste of the spotlight for a White Nationalist Sales Pitch.

We pause now for station identification…

This is Gregor-Vision, brought to you by Truth, Reconciliation and the letter L, for Love.


They built America on slave labor. They built America on segregated humiliation. They built America on bail outs. When Wall Street cried out for relief, they called bad investments “Troubled Assets,” but when we cried out for a livable wage, they called us Welfare Queens.

Of course they want the looting to stop, they know if we keep it up, if we keep burning it down, then we’ll get everything we want and they don’t want to give us a Goddamn thing. They’re scared. So they’re rolling out the spotlight.

Only instead of Gabby Giffords, instead of the kids from Parkland, instead of the parents of Ahmaud Arbery, the spotlight has fallen on George Floyd’s Brother. 

This is America, a country run by White Nationalist Psychopaths and the only thing White Nationalist Psychopaths understand is this…


Take A Knee and they’ll take your career. Take A Knee and they’ll take your livelihood. Take A Knee and they’ll take your peace of mind. Colin Kaepernick asked America to take the very same knee Derek Chauvin would end up using on the neck of George Floyd. If we’d listened, Colin would have enjoyed a mediocre career and George would have enjoyed an ordinary life.

That. Sounds. Wonderful. 

And I’m not kidding because the more I look at the rich, the famous, the people in the spotlight, the more they look like crazy people who don’t know what to do with the spotlight besides selling sneakers.

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This is Gregor-Vision, brought to you by The NBA, The NFL and early onset arthritis.


To kill time while I sheltered in place, I watched “The Last Dance,” a vanity project in 10 parts. Yes, Michael Jordan was an astonishing athlete but it wasn’t the takeaway. Yes, Michael Jordan had an otherworldly drive but it wasn’t the takeaway. Yes, Michael Jordan won 6 rings, 1 for the other hand, but it wasn’t the takeaway. You know what I remember more than anything else? I remember how Michael Jordan couldn’t be bothered to help defeat Jesse Helms because “Republican Buy Sneakers Too.”

Just Do It?

More like Just Do Yourself A Favor, mute the self-serving dialog and enjoy the basketball footage.

We pause now for station identification…

This is Gregor-Vision, brought to you by 3 men who belong behind bars and yet conveniently find themselves at home right now, chillaxing.


Something today gave me goosebumps and I wanted to share it with you. It happened when George Floyd’s Brother was shouting into a megaphone, “Educate Yourself. Educate Yourself. Educate Yourself.”

The man baby president is hiding in his man baby bunker at the very moment when America needs a president capable of showing us something bigger to reach for as a nation. 

Educate Yourself.

Protesters are dancing and singing and kneeling and humbling themselves for a moment of silence while the police set their own cars on fire.

Educate Yourself.

The police have been instructed to act as mall cops, prioritizing property over the arrest of 3 remaining fugitives responsible for the murder of George Floyd.

No Justice. No Peace.

No Justice. No Peace.

No Justice…

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  1. Well the celebrities are bailing out the people getting arrested. That should make you happy.

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