¿Cuál Es Tu Problema, Rafael?

Ted Cruz is facing Beto O’Rourke in a race for the United States Senate.

As an opening salvo, Ted Cruz took a shot at Beto’s name, which is really Robert. There are 2 problems with this strategy. The 1st problem is Ted’s name is really Rafael. The 2nd problem is this underscores Ted’s habit of making nothing into something.

Ted Cruz has used his Harvard Law Degree and time in The United States Senate to do everything he possibly could to bend the moral arc of the universe away from justice. He’s a sick guy, going as far as stamping his cattle with the brand of a Birther. The people from the Great State of Texas are ready to mosey on.

Lo siento, Rafael.

It’s one thing to kick the horse. It’s another thing to kick the horse in ostrich cowboy boots. It’s an act. It’s always been an act. The problem is, the act got old. Now it’s schticky. Ted Cruz is a creep. He oozes with smarm. You’ve heard of all hat and no cattle. He’s all smarm and no charm.

No one wants to work with him in Washington. No one wants to listen to him back home. He spent all these years kicking up dust only to have The Wind Of Irrelevance blow the dust back in his face.

Que te vaya bien, Rafael.

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