Sam Nunberg’s Unfun House Mirror

Sam Nunberg is suicidal.

Last night on CNN, I watched Sam commit emotional hara-kiri. You’d think he’s part of the problem. But there’s a deeper problem and I’m complicit.

I watched. I read about it trending on Twitter. Then I tuned-in to CNN to watch the spectacle. It makes for great television. But it makes for a terrible life.

Is this healthy?

Or the newest strain of flu?

It’s definitely a sickness…


I didn’t like George W. Bush. I didn’t like Dick Cheney. They finagled their way into the Oval Office. They lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction. They terrorized gay men and women. In a week, they spent the surplus. They bankrupted America, morally and financially. In the world of politics, they were Dumb and Dumber. I wanted them voted out of office. I didn’t get my way. I wanted them tried for crimes against humanity. I didn’t get my way. I wanted the Bush Museum wrapped in police tape since I don’t see the artifacts inside as artifacts, I see the artifacts as evidence. I wanted them held accountable. I still want them held accountable.

But I never wanted them hurt. I never rooted for their demise. They need help, not a casting call.

Sam Nunberg has lost control. Last night, he went on a media bender. I don’t believe there’s anything we can do since interventions are really just another way for Sam to feed the impulse instead of slowing down long enough to reflect.

Speaking of slowing down long to watch the sand drain from the sand dial of homegrown terrorism, Dana Loesch declared war on freedom of the press, families of mass shootings and me. I took her words to heart. I have no problem with a declaration of war.

But let’s be clear, Dana.

Just because you casually post an overproduced video on YouTube doesn’t mean I have to view assault through the filter of free speech. Words matter. If this is your declaration of war, own it. Don’t be coy. Don’t hide behind hoop earrings and backlit hair. When someone gets hurt, and someone will get hurt, it’s on you.

You break it. You bought it, sister.

The NRA is homegrown terrorism. Unfortunately, this isn’t new in America. CPAC is homegrown terrorism. The Alt-Right is homegrown terrorism. Focus on the Family is homegrown terrorism. The Klan is homegrown terrorism. For some reason, we allow it. Or should I say we allowed it, since I’m formally relegating these monsters to the past.

In 18 days, the surviving angels from Parkland will be marching in Washington. The March For Our Lives is the march for our future. The angels shall defeat the monsters. Our resolve has a depth their desperation cannot match.

They look at Sam Nunberg, a monster of their own making, and stab him with a pitchfork. We look at Sam Nunberg, a lost soul reaching out for a hand, and we embrace him with a hug.

There’s a warm bed in prison with 3 squares waiting for you, Sam. Face the music. Take your medicine. Live to tell your side of the story. But first, slow down. Sloooow down. Sloooooooow down.


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