The Antidote For Terror: Top Hats!!!

Lex texted, “One of your angrier blog entries. I could feel the acid of it peel my skin when I was reading it. Are you ok?”

I texted back, “I’m great. Thanks. I just needed to get that off my chest because watching all of the bullshit posturing yesterday was too much to take.”

We were texting on 9/12. We were talking about 9/11. Today is 9/13 and as long as we’re talking about September it begs the question…

How come no one ever talks about 9/10?

In 2001, our president was George W. Bush, in case you’ve forgotten or blocked it out or weren’t born yet. Do you know where George W. Bush was on 9/10? He was just getting back from taking a 30 day “working vacation.”

Who does that? Who takes off 30 days not even 1 year into a new job? I’ll tell you who: a brat, a spoiled fucking brat!

The problem I was having on 9/11 this year is the same problem I’ve had with 9/11 every year since we were attacted. Nobody talks about what we didn’t do before we were attacked to prevent it and nobody talks about all of the bluster we’re responsible for since the attacks which has cost us more lives than we can count, which has cost us more money than we can count and then there’s the whole nightmare at the airport.

Before boarding Air Force One, do you think they make the president take off his shoes?

Having said all that, you know what makes me feel good about where things are going in the world? A text message from Lex, checking in to make sure I’m ok. Watching the Democratic Candidates debate last night where Elizabeth Warren hit a whole ‘nother level, filling my heart with pride. Pumpkin scones. Opening a $12.00 can of Whup Ass. Couples holding hands, straight couples, gay couples, queer couples, white couple, black couples, mixed couples, spoiled couples, struggling couples, married couples, divorced couples who’ve re-claimed their friendship. Pink hair on Megan Rapinoe. Blue Suede Shoes, (the song, not the actual shoes). Cartwheeling bagels that pause to wink. Flirting with a stranger on the corner of Wilson & Lincoln. Dancing at an opulent Bat Mitzvah dressed like a jackass in a top hat. Playing a gig at Independence Tap…tonight!

Hope to see you there.

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