Season Of Atonement

It’s time to reflect. It’s time to look back at what you got wrong. It’s time to seek the meaningful lesson from your failure. But first, it’s time to own it. You cannot fix anything in your life until you own it.

I’m sorry for holding onto relationships out of nostalgia. If I don’t make you happy, if you don’t make me happy, then what in the Hell are we doing? I’ll tell you what we’re doing: we’re playing the slow hustle. Take your shell game to another corner, pal.

I see you.

I’m sorry for not writing more, for not blogging more, for not offering my email in the comments section sooner. If you need to hear my voice so you can fully lash out, I’m down. Everyone needs to be heard. It’s tempting to turn the avalanche of vitriol into a podcast, but I’m done playing the wizard who turns his toxic relationships into a show. That’s what the stage is for, that’s what the open mic is for.

I’m sorry for not getting back on the open mic sooner.

The discipline is a gift.

I’m sorry for taking so long getting my next album out into the world. I’m thinking of March 1st as the drop date for an album I’m so deeply proud of, an album I cannot wait to share with the world, an album created by the first band I’ve ever been in that makes me truly happy…

Friends withOUT Benefits!

I’m sorry I gave one single second to anyone who ever told me I cannot sing. Self-abuse is so 2019. Sorry haters, my skin is fully formed and it’s thick. So is my cock!

Speaking of big dicks…

Sorry I didn’t do more to punch Mark Ronson in the face and save Amy Winehouse.

Sorry it took me so long to make the pilgrimage to Montgomery, to walk The Legacy Museum, to walk The National Monument For Peace And Justice, to walk in the door of The Dexter Avenue Church where MLK preached, a stone’s throw from the steps of the capitol where Jefferson Davis took the oath of office to fight on behalf of The Confederate Flag, to steal the potential from generations of black men and women, to fully invest the south in Racist Insanity. You’re living in darkness until you walk Dexter Avenue.

Sorry for not going to law school. I used to tell myself I have too much respect for justice to go to law school but the truth is, the system of justice in America is built on a Racist Lie and until men and women who possess emotional imagination are allowed to reshape the trajectory of justice, then law school is little more than a place to have your conscience extracted. It’s about legal fees, not justice. Take your shell game to another corner, pal.

I see you.

Sorry for attaching myself to my brother. Sorry for attaching myself to my cousin. Sorry for putting the love of others ahead of my own best interests. The truth is, you cannot take care of anyone else if you cannot take care of yourself first, and while that is something I fully appreciate now, I’m here to tell you, I’m here to testify, if you step on the neck of someone else to get ahead, particularly the neck of someone you have known since the earliest memories of childhood, the short term view and the long term view will not be the same. Short term, you win. Long term, you can suck a fart out of my ass.

Sorry if that was crass. Not really sorry. La Shana Tova, Bitches!