Roseanne Barred

What’s a racist gotta do to keep her show? It’s farce to pretend there’s a consequence for race baiting when the president of the United States of America launched his political career as a Birther.

Roseanne is a racist. ABC named a show after her with full knowledge this was more than a subplot. Channing Dungey, the president of ABC, should apologize to Roseanne. Don’t let network executives fool you. They knew exactly what, and who, they were dealing with.

3 words: focus fucking groups.

I kept meaning to watch Roseanne. But I’ve been busy with other shows.

I’m hooked on The Last OG. I’ve never seen a world like this. There was even an episode which dealt with backsliding, when an ex-con fall into old behaviors. It’s a comedy but the truth is heartbreaking.

I’m torturing myself with The Handmaid’s Tale. Season One was perfection and if the show never came back, the ending of Season One would have been satisfying. Season Two has been brutal and there have been times when I thought about quitting the show because I’m not strong enough emotionally but then Wednesday rolls around and I find the strength to sit my sorry ass on the couch.

Vida is written by Tanya Saracho, a beloved Chicago playwright who moved to Los Angeles and is killing it as the show-runner. I saw the First Episode and have been seriously considering getting Starz for the sole express purpose of falling in love with everyone in this world.

Unlike these shows, which are endlessly entertaining, Roseanne was on my list as an obligation. I understand the intoxication of hatred but I don’t understand getting-off on it. To me, the kick comes from getting over myself, letting go of a lie, admitting I’m wrong.

There’s also John Goodman.

I love John Goodman so much I was willing to go along and see the world through his eyes, knowing he’d show me the cracks where bigotry masks insecurity. Having said all that, I never did make the time or pre-record the show. This makes me a hypocrite. I could pretend I’m discerning but discerning is a big word for hypocrite.

The key difference between me and Roseanne is I admit when I’m full of shit. Roseanne wants to pretend she’s just being funny which in all fairness is true since I know for sure Ted Nugent and Donald Trump think she’s hilarious. Roseanne would kill at a Klan Rally. She’d leave the Nazis in stitches. I’d like to leave the Nazis in stitches, but stitches contaminated with Polonium-210, magic Putin powder.

Make America Great Again by putting Roseanne back on ABC so the arc of her storyline can run its natural course, from infamy to obscurity.

Must Flee TV.

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