Memorial Hay

It finally feels like summer in Chicago. Last night I sat outside at Murphy’s Bleachers, where you can hear the roar of the crowd at Wrigley Field. It was a beautiful night and Eddie Gee was in the mood to hold court.

It’s always fun to be in striking range of his rat-a-tat flow.

I have interesting friends, none of them are perfect, which is why they’re fun. I’m skeptical of perfect people. Why is it, for example, perfect people with faith get to pretend Jesus is anything more than an imaginary friend but transgender people have to fight for the right to pee in the bathroom of their gender choice. I’m perfectly willing to go along with both sides but for some reason people of faith get the upper hand while people of transition have to beg for scraps of empathy.

I say this to let you know I completely understand what’s going on with Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. This is how they make play dates, by posturing for the cameras, lying through proxies, writing unstable letters.

Little Donnie understands the power of tantrums, he’s been throwing them his entire life. He relates to brats like Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin, Rudy Giuliani. None of these men are men. None of these leaders are leaders. None of these clowns matter besides for the fact their story lines are currently playing themselves out for our sadistic amusement.

Barack Obama gravitated toward thoughtful adults. He was mentored by Angela Merkel and then paid it forward by mentoring Justin Trudeau. In his first race for the presidency, Barack sat down with John McCain shortly after beating him. For 8 years, we had a thoughtful adult in the oval office. Now we have a brat and I have to admit, I get it, since I relate to both sides of the bizzaro coin.

I could make myself out to be something I’m not by pretending that voting for one guy makes me audacious and voting for the other guy makes me racist. But I’d be lying to myself.

Truth be told, I voted for Hillary Clinton, not when she ran against Barack, when she ran against Trump. But I liked the way he ran for office better than her. It was raw and obnoxious and everything I was craving after 8 years of admiration. My head said Hillary. My heart said Trump.

I voted with my head. But my heart got what it wanted and now I can see for sure how misguided we are when the heart wins.

Memorial Day Weekend is for reflecting on war. But not really. Who am I kidding? Memorial Day Weekend is for BBQ’s, Cubs games, LeBron James in game 7 and frisbee on the beach. If you’re wondering about Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un…


They need each other.

There’s a photo-op in the very near future. Believe me.

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