Moby Dickless

You’ve heard call me Ishmael. Well call me Libtard.

Only a Libtard would put up with Mitch McConnell bending the rule of law until it breaks. Only a Libtard would put up with a president who eggs-on his supporters until they punch protesters in the face.

Only a Libtard would golf while children are being shot. Or shop. Or go to the baseball game, third row off home plate.

Only a Libtard would look to Anthony Kennedy for the crumbs of a swing vote, savoring the tiniest morsel of justice. Only a Libtard would continue to see the presidency of Barack Obama as the audacity of hope instead of the fecklessness of accommodation.

Barack spent 8 years trying to win over Mitch McConnell and what do we have to show for it…

A supreme court so corrupt, a supreme court so detached from the will of the people, a supreme court so vindictive in its white maleness, soon Ruth Bader Ginsburg will develop full-blown Stockholm Syndrome and write the dissenting opinion when Clarence Thomas writes the majority opinion in favor of women retaining the right to vote.

Turn in your voting card if you’re a woman.

Turn in your freedom if you’re black.

Turn in your marriage if you’re gay.

These rights were never fully your rights. They were rights on loan and to borrow from a movement with no regard for irony…Time’s Up!

Anthony Kennedy could care less which is precisely how it’s supposed to be since he wasn’t put on the high court by Ronald Reagan as a reluctant champion for reason, he was put on the high court by Ronald Reagan because Robert Bork couldn’t close the deal on sadistic indifference.

Speaking of high court, you have to be high to deal with the news, it’s too much, all the time.

But if you think things are bad now, just you wait. We’re about to get an appointment to the supreme court which will reduce the high court to historical fuckery. The rulings will no longer matter, the opinions will no longer matter, the judges will no longer matter since We The People will no longer pay attention. It’s too much, all the time. Pack the bong with kind bud, Apathetic Blues.

It is what it is so call it what it is: supremely misleading.

Caveat Emptor, “Let The Buyer Beware.” I’m not buying it, any of it. So go ahead and call me Libtard. I’m done hunting with fools for a mythical whale called Justice.

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