He’s A Shit…Hole!

There are no shithole countries. There are no shithole people. Only shitholes we use at Lollapalooza.

You could say it’s embarrassing, having President Trump call Haiti a shithole country, especially on the anniversary of a catastrophic earthquake. But this is the president we voted for.

Own It!

Until we own it, we can’t change it. Maybe we don’t want to change it, truth be told. We won’t know for certain until the next election.

One thing is for sure, we don’t need to be saved by the cowards in congress. Forget about Impeachment. It’s a vanity project.

If the cowards in congress really want to do something meaningful, give us back all of the pension money we’ve paid to former members of congress. Give us back their health care benefits. After your term is up, leave.



Don’t make us put a law in place. Man-up. Woman-up. After 1 term, maybe 2 terms – max – leave.



Put duct tape over your mouth and wander the earth, like the rest of us, 2 or 3 paychecks away from totally fucked.

2 thoughts on “He’s A Shit…Hole!”

  1. Can you believe this William Barr nonsense. All the hype about The Mueller Probe and nobody wants to address the war on drugs, which William Barr orchestrated and his staggering history of supporting institutional racism.

    I can’t even begin to get into the comments he made about people with AIDS. It’s such a deal breaker.

    Donald McTrump is a clown.

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