Cambridge Analytica Clown Car

Donald Trump has it. I don’t care if you love him. I don’t care if you’re rooting for him to go to jail. It’s the same thing with Barack Obama. He has it. I don’t care if you love him. I don’t care if you hid behind the mask of a Birther and lied to yourself until you actually believed Barack wasn’t born here.

Hillary Clinton didn’t have it. John Kerry didn’t have it. Al Gore didn’t have it. Ted Cruz is the black hole of it, eating all light.

Cambridge Analytica can only do so much. They can bang out a few catchy insults: Crooked Hillary, Deep State, Drain The Swamp, Build The Wall. They can tap into the plague of White Nationalism sweeping the globe. They can masturbate to 50 million Facebook profiles. But they can’t deliver the keys to the Oval Office you don’t have it to begin with.

That said, Alexander Nix is a sad clown. Steve Bannon is a sad clown. And the pink haired whistleblowing clown who facilitated their sadistic dream needs to spend the rest of his life dancing the mea culpa dance while juggling a regimen of fabulous hair.

Beating Donald Trump at his own game isn’t hard. But you have to play the game to win. At least Joe Biden has begun swinging low. Joe Biden said he could take Trump and he’d go down crying all the way. Trump couldn’t resist. He came out saying Joe was only a tough guy when he’s standing behind a microphone alone. Sound familiar? It sounds like Trump is talking about Trump because he is and he knows this is what the people want, the big top clown show.

He goes low…you go lower…plus a joke.

There’s no other way and everyone advising Joe to act “presidential” doesn’t get it and they never will get it since they don’t have it to begin with. I’m not so sure Joe has it. But at least he’s speaking the language of emotion, which is all this is, emotion.

Speaking of emotion swirling in color, Jim Carrey caught blowback for a portrait he made of Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I think it’s beautiful, capturing an evil doer. It’s one thing to believe in God. It’s another thing to wear the mask of belief in God while abusing the most vulnerable from the bully pulpit of the White House.

If you’re not catching blowback you’re not helping. I don’t care how you do it. I never would have thought a painting could make so many people so angry. But it exposed the lie we’re all pretending isn’t happening right in front of our eyes.

Who’s the clown? Jim Carrey or Donald Trump? Both. The difference is one clown wants to lift us up with color while the other clown wants to tear us apart with darkness.

Data is darkness. We’re not data. We’re paintings and paintings can dance.

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