7000 Shoes

7000 shoes were placed on the lawn in front of Capitol Hill to protest gun violence as a reminder of all the children who are no longer here.

To me, an adult who’s ashamed of how easily we move on after each school shooting, this says walk in their shoes. To Dana Loesch, and her vain friends at the NRA, this says shoe sale.

I used to wonder how big the number was going to be that would wake us out of our slumber. We’re sleepwalking, going from the shopping mall to the golf course to Spring Break. I wonder who will spend their Spring Break at the March For Our Lives and who will spend their spring break guzzling beer bongs in Fort Lauderdale.

Don’t get me wrong, beer bongs are fun and it’s the opposite of cool to be a high school senior who has to march for the right not to be shot at instead of waking up horribly hungover.

But let me ask you this: what do you think John Lewis was doing, in March of 1965, with his Spring Break? Do you think he was nursing a hangover? Or a bashed-in skull?

On March 7th of 1965, John Lewis marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. He wanted equality. He wanted skin color to stop mattering. He wanted the adults to wake up. So it’s not new.

Throughout history, adults suck.

On behalf of the adults who are done sucking, who are done pretending like the kids they grew-up with are anything other than a joke, let me tell you, they’re children with grey pubes. They’re a joke! Nothing about them is real. Including their handicap on the golf course. Stop listening to adults.

March! Demand! Do it yourself!

March across the DIY Bridge, face the monsters on the other side. They’re not really monsters. They’re zombies on horses with batons and tear gas who need you to do what they don’t have the balls to do: stick up for their own children.


If all of the high school students stopped going to high school, if all of the college students stopped going to college, if the teachers had no one to teach, if the principals had no one to pretend to boss around, if the Number Two Pencils stopped selling, if the spiral notebooks stopped selling, if he school swag stopped selling, if the schools stopped buying mops and hand towels and toilet paper and urinal cakes and tampon dispensers, if the cafeteria had no one to feed, if the board of education didn’t have teachers to push around, if governors didn’t have unions to hold hostage, within 6 months the 2nd Amendment would be amended. Believe me.

They don’t care about students. They care about money. As soon as the amount of money the criminals on Capitol Hill would lose was bigger than the amount of money they’re being paid by the criminals at the NRA, the alarms clocks would start ringing.

7000 shoes. 14,000 parents. 28,000 thoughts & prayers. 1 pull of the trigger.

Wake up.

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