Trump Shutdown

On the 1 year anniversary of his inauguration, President Trump offered Lady Liberty a gift by wrapping his governing strategy with a bow. He gave her a shutdown.

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If there’s such a thing as the Art Of The Deal, well then this is the Fart Of The Deal, a big stink bomb. The Senate failed to fund a bill to keep the government open.

The date has been extended to February 8th. But it’s an arbitrary date, meaningless, like the clocks counting down the minutes until the shutdown which are now counting up the minutes since the shutdown. Hocus pocus.

None of this is helpful. Unless your name is Stormy Donald and ratings are your fetish.

This is one more way Republicans can step on Dreamers. If it’s tax cuts for billionaires, it’s a done deal. If it’s compassion for immigrants, sorry but there’s a gala at a Mar-a-Lago.

At 1:23AM Congress voted to adjourn. How can they go home without getting their job done? Oh wait, I know, they get paid, they get health care benefits, no matter what happens.