I was late getting to the Super Bowl. I ran a few errands with Emily Anne. Then we hit the gym. I don’t usually hit the gym with my girlfriend, since I like the solitude of breaking a sweat.

It’s not because I’ve been alone more than I’ve been in love. Some things are meant to be done by yourself, like cleaning your belly button.

So I missed the only thing I was remotely interested in: did anyone have the sack to take a knee during the National Anthem? I’m sad to report the answer is no.

Change the name from the NFL to the NSL: No Sack League.

I’m not surprised by Justin Timberlake, since he was neutered when he was a Disney Kid. But I expected more from Pink.

I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the short hair and bad attitude. In all fairness to Pink, she’s just another celebrity.

I really should stop myself from looking up to people who for some arbitrary reason have the spotlight. I should be asking myself who’s paying for the spotlight…

Turns out, it’s the sackless bastards who stole Colin Kaepernick’s team.