CNN Town Hall

The problem with watching the CNN Town Hall is looking for meaning to help it all make sense. Like we haven’t been through this before. Like this is somehow different. You want to ask yourself big questions.

Did students fight the power?

Did panelists show remorse?

Did Jack Tapper wear the appropriate tie?

You have to hand it to Marco Rubio. He was able to stand in a room filled with grieving students, teachers and parents while making the case the NRA buys into his agenda, not the other way around. And by hand I mean give Marco a hand getting off the national stage.

You have to hand it to Dana Loesch, she had the balls to look a mother in the eye whose child was killed in the Parkland School Shooting and make a time machine metaphor. And by hand I mean put your hand over your eyes to spare yourself the pain of bearing witness to the injustice.

You have to hand it to Sheriff Israel for being the only grown up on the panel who acted like an age appropriate grown up. The rest acted acted like spoiled children fighting for the right to their toy and all the perks that come along with their toy. So by hand I mean applause, actual applause.

The March For Our Lives is next month. Right now, there’s so much momentum it feels historic. But given how fast news travels in 2018, it begs the question, will the ratings hold? That’s all this is, a show. Until there’s legislation, until every man and woman who takes money from the NRA is voted out of office, until gun control is a foregone conclusion instead of 2 words you have to tap dance around, this is all just a show. School shootings have become the survivor island of Reality TV. This cast just so happens to be particularly charismatic.

Yesterday instead of guns, the Florida Legislature voted on porn. So by hand I mean creepily stroking themselves.

If I have to listen to Dana Loesch say she’s a mother one more time, I’m gonna shoot myself in the face. If I have to listen to Dana Loesch tell these young activists she sees herself in their passion, I’m gonna shoot myself in the face. If I have to listen to Dana Loesch talk about red flags and bump stocks and how she was once a young girl living on her own with nothing to protect herself but hard-fought ambition and a glock, I’m gonna take my cue from the Florida Legislature and jerk myself off on the grief because that’s all it is, a sick fantasy and I’m not above getting off on a sick fantasy. It’s just a show. But having said all that, I have to admit I like these characters from Parkland and I don’t want their friends to be already dead.

It doesn’t make sense.

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